This Is How You Boost Website Traffic [ 10 ways ]


Whether you do Blogging, have an online store, or a business person who carries out business work online. Then for sure, you have that want for getting More Traffic to your website.

Yes, you can get traffic, and that without SEO, though you can focus on SEO that’s completely on your choice.

So, without any further boring reading, check out the points below that, you may focus on to bring more traffic to your website.

Points to implement: –

1. Focus on Mobile viewers

In 2021 maximum of your viewers will be mobile users because it is much convenient and almost the maximum number of people owns mobile phones or smartphones. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Also, you must use AMP on your content to speed up the loading time.

Image Credits – Slate

Data from Slate shows a 44% increase in monthly unique visitors and a 73% increase in visits per monthly unique visitor.

2. Social Media Marketting

You can share free content with your audience and can redirect them to your site. just grow an audience.

Using Facebook

  • Post regularly
  • Join relevant groups and promote
  • Share stories
  • Create a page for your work (easy to work)

Using Pinterest

the best media to promote your content

  • Share 2-3 pins a day
  • you can share story pins
  • make sure that you use good attractive pictures

Using Twitter

Tweet the hook for your content and then share your link for the content in the thread

Using Linkedin

This is the best place for promoting B2B content and it will bring a genuine audience to your website.

Things to do on LinkedIn: –

  • Create a content post and provide your link
  • Share stories to get more reach

Also, there are Instagram, Reddit, WhatsApp, and telegram.

3. Blog commenting

Bringing the right comments on a popular post can bring you into stage light.

Given below graph shows that how commenting on a popular blog post has served great traffic for the website –

Image Credits – Flauntmydesign

How to Comment in the right way: –

  1. Start with a greeting
  2. Point the name out
  3. Give a genuine compliment
  4. Then relate it with your point of view and how it has solved your problem

Also, you can check this detailed blog to learn more about the blog commenting 👉 by alpha investor

4. Paid Ads

Paid ads are mainly used for quick results. Yes, social media, content, and SEO are good but for the long term and creating a brand.

Paid ads or PPC generate more traffic much quicker.

Some of the popular platforms where you can run Ads are: –

Facebook Ads

With almost 2.6 billion users, you can target millions of people in your niche. Running Ads are really cheap starting from 5$ a day.

There are different types of ads based on goals

  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Conversion Ads
  • Ads to generate leads
  • And many more

Twitter Ads

They work really well for real-time and generate quick traffic. You can choose any of the ads of Twitter-like follower ads, sponsored tweets, Promoted Ads, and trend marketing

Pinterest Ads

If your target audience is mainly women then interest will be the best one.

The Ads which you can run here are: –

  • Sponsoring video, image, and story pin
  • Shopping Ads
  • Carousel Pin Ads
  • Standard Pin Ads

Google Ads

This online advertisement platform by google is the all-in-one answer for running ads. On this platform, you have to bid for running ads. Google also allows users to run ads on different cross-platform.

Types of ads: –

  • Video ads
  • Search ads
  • display ads
  • shopping ads

Also, there are Instagram ads, Reddit ads, Quora ads, almost every community-based platform has options for running an ad.

5. Guest Posting

Want to boost your traffic cost-effectively?

Guest posting is a method by which you write articles for other people or highly ranked sites. This will help you to earn backlinks, so more quality backlinks mean a higher rank on google plus you gain credibility and authority being a part of a reputable site.

Also, your article will have more relevant viewers who are coming to their high-ranked website.

6. Answering the public

You can reach out to the relevant public on the Question and answer-based platform and communities like Quora, Reddit community, Online forums on your niche, Facebook groups, etc.

You just have to choose the best question of relevance also questions must have lots of views to increase your chance of getting success. Then you have to write the answer like a pro.

7. Improve your Title

Focus on writing a catchy title, look more catchy title has a more click-through rate which will help you improve your ranking on google.

At first, do some keyword research [you can use google keyword planner] on your niche and find out which one has average and good search volume with good CTR and less paid difficulty

Then you can use a platform like an answer to the public, and buszzsumo to get a more detailed idea of how to make your title.

Tip: – Do use the emotional word in your title check out this from “smartblogger

This is how Backlinko has increased its CTR by 600%, by using an emotional word or power word in the title.

8. Create your own asset

An asset here is a piece of detailed content, a tool, or any kind of video article that brings you a lot of backlinks and traffic

Some for example are: –

  • Free or paid online tool like ubersuggest, crazyegg, etc
  • In-depth video tutorial
  • An ebook for free
  • provide free success worksheet and templates
  • A report on any particular topic
  • a free online software
  • and many more
Image Credits – Canva

Canva, for instance, provides a tool for making graphic designs. which is very beginner-friendly.

9. Email marketing

In recent years Email marketing has grown a lot, you can increase your traffic by 25% if done well in email marketing

For, consumers prefer Email more than Social media

Image Credits – Optinmonster

Things to do: –

  • Collect emails
  • Create an Audience or viewers group based on region, gender, age, and interest
  • Create an email welcome sequence, different for all group of audience
  • Send weekly emails and updates regularly
  • Check on analytics regularly

You can use Sendinblue to get 60+ responsive email templates

10. Influencer marketing

In general, it means that you reach out to influencers under your niche, and ask them to post and promote your product, service, or work to their huge audience.

You can send free samples to influencers, just be good to them and have good business relationships with them. Also, you can pay them for promotion.

Image Credits – @brihallofficial

Or you can use buzz sumo to reach different authors, writers, and bloggers and start building a relationship with them (get their social profile to know more about them)


Use these proven ways to boost your website traffic, and yes SEO and content marketing are also there which I have not included. Use them to get more effective result

And you must focus on Branding, for long-term fortune generation and website traffic.

Do Comment if you have any query👇😊


Businezvalue was founded by Johnny J Hembrom and his team, an enthusiast in learning business growth and designing.

After failing again and again in his business, finally, Johnny had made lots of fortune and want to help new business people & entrepreneurs, and learn from them.





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