5 Little Known Signs That Shows You’re Leader Immediately


In this post-pandemic world, new businesses & startups continue to emerge with a huge list of new leaders in every field.

When we listen to ” A leader “, we think of someone who is able to manage people or an organization. Some may have inborn qualities and most of them learn those qualities.

leaders can motivate and inspire others to go above and beyond, one thing is for sure: their actions and behaviors come from their character & integrity.

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With my experience and practicality, I can help you to understand those hints or signs you’ve got as a leader.

Let’s dive deep into 5 signs of you being a leader

1. People feel good around you

People feel good when they hear something good for them, they feel good when someone cares for them.

One of the most versatile characters of a leader is “Selflessness”, putting others ahead of you.

There are several ways that leaders can display selflessness in action, including giving of their time, energy, wisdom, and knowledge to others; and pouring into people’s growth to make them better (which makes the leader better).

So if someone or everyone feels good around you, then you’re on competitive advantage on being a better leader (though leaders don’t compare)

2. Interested at others people advice


Everyone loves to speak only to someone who loves to listen, If people start speaking to someone who loves to speak then it is obvious they will get bored.

So, If you love to listen then great.

And in an entrepreneurial journey If you are interested in opinion advice from others you are at a higher success rate.

As opinion from others helps you to not fall under any bias and gives good understanding.

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3. Other waits for your decision


People around you may speak a lot of advice but in the end waits for your advice. Because they know your value as a decision-maker.

It follows that they trust you to follow through and deliver on your promises. If you hold yourself accountable and demonstrate the kind of day-in, day-out responsibility that leads others to trust you, you are a leader.

4. You understand your people

Imagine working on a project but having no idea of who you are working with or what their strengths are.

Now imagine working on a project and having the person in charge never call you by name, or worse, call you by the wrong name.

Remarkably good leaders know everything they need to know about each and every person they work with, they are personable and always have their preferences in mind when delegating duties.

5. You work for the cause and not for money & popularity

leadership-trait-for work

Leader avoids emotional drama which is mostly the result of getting too much connected to money & fame.

While it’s important to have ambition, a remarkably good leader dedicates their energies first to the cause

Well said in The Secret – “If we chase something, we’ll lose it, So instead we must attract it”.

Just look around and see every successful leader works for cause (Great if you give examples in the comment box)


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After failing again and again in his business, finally, Johnny had made lots of fortune and want to help new business people & entrepreneurs, and learn from them.




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