Learn fast to make 10000 Rs on Flipkart affiliate program | affiliate marketing guide 2022

Did you know I discovered that the Flipkart affiliate program pays you a commission 5% more than the amazon affiliate program!

In case you want to add extra cash to your affiliate made fortune, you can try the Flipkart affiliate program.

So why Flipkart?

Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India, which has various categories like electronics, fashion, home, baby care, gaming, books, automobiles, sports, and more.

Some electronics and gadgets are most of the time available on Flipkart even not on Amazon.

You can easily track real-time reports and the activity of your links.

I’ve got a secret about how you can make extra cash using the Flipkart affiliate

How much money you can make?

You can easily make 5000 – 10000 Rs easily… but wait you have to choose the product wisely different products to have different commission rates.

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What are the best products to sell as an affiliate on Flipkart?

Here is the list👇

  • Books
  • Auto Accesories
  • Baby Care
  • Sports
  • Home Decor
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Cookware
  • Pet Supplies
  • Tools & Hardware

All these categories come with a commission rate of 15 – 12 % per sale price, which are the highest in the category of Flipkart affiliate


Requirements for Flipkart affiliate program

Basically, on the Flipkart affiliate program, you must have a PAN card and a website or app, and other requirements are based on the type of withdrawal you choose.

If You choose EFT or Electronic Fund Transfer, It will ask for Bank Account details and a Cancelled cheque

and if you opt for EVG or Electronic gift Voucher, for this you have to provide address proof.

Also, at one point they will ask for a non- GST form.

All about Flipkart Affiliate marketing

Flipkart affiliate is simple to use, you just have to share your link on your blog website/ review website/ social media platform – Twitter & Pinterest

Whenever people follow your link and make a purchase, you make money out of commissions

All you have to do is write and make rich content that connects with the emotions of viewers or readers.

Beginners guide to start making money on Flipkart affiliate

Create Flipkart affiliate account

To become an affiliate partner with Flipkart go to Flipkart signup page and click on the join now,


Then you have to provide your Name, Email ID, and Mobile Number.


Set Up your affiliate account

Then you have to set up an affiliate account by providing all the necessary details including, the Non-GST form, GST Form, and amount withdrawal information.

Select your niche

Selecting your Niche decides whether you’ll make a profit or not. So choose it wisely, choose a niche you are passionate about.

List of niches you can choose –

  • Camping
  • Kitchen & Home
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Grooming
  • Gardening
  • Fishing and list goes on.

Generate affiliate links

To generate affiliate links go to the affiliate dashboard, and paste the product shop link in the affiliate link generator tool and click on go.


after that, you get options for – shorten links, reset and copy.

Flipkart also has different promotional strategies which you can use, Some of them are product banners, promotional banners, push content widgets, promotional widgets, and bookmarklet widgets.

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Create rich content

There are many aspects of creating rich content it can be written as a blog, designed as an infographic, shooter as an Infotainment video, or other content like review and comparison.

While creating rich content focus on building a brand to grow your traffic fast.


Here is the last and most important point – Promoting your content

There are many free & paid techniques which you can use like –

Free promotion

  • Use Quora
  • Use Pinterest
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • SEO
  • Reddit Community
  • Facebook Groups
  • and niche specific forums

Paid promotion

  • You can run ads on different social media platform
  • you can hire influencers
  • Run contextual ads for best perfomance

Secret hack for Flipkart affiliate

Focussing on these points can improve your Flipkart affiliate earning

  • choose Profitable niche
  • choose Trending products
  • seasonal trend are amazing
  • Wait for sale day like Big billion days & savings day
  • Check on your analytics to know your customers
  • Collect Emails
  • Target on product with average search volume
  • Use different promotional strategy on your website

Easy Process

For the easy process, you can join Cuelinks and Earnkaro app in India, In addition to Flipkart that has affiliate links of many brands.


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After failing again and again in his business, finally, Johnny had made lots of fortune and want to help new business people & entrepreneurs, and learn from them.




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