17 Best Graphic Design Tools To Use in 2021


First of all, a warm welcome for 2021. So, curious to know how you can improve your mastery in the skill of Graphic design using free software.

Yes, free software!

The only thing is that you have to master the skill of graphic designing from various books some of which are given below… and also there are many free sources on the internet.

Just invest a good amount of time to learn & improve your skill, and you should be consistent with it.

Besides this premium software like adobe photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Corel Draw, Xara designer, etc in the market, which are too costly for beginners we have got much free software which is not that powerful but you with your learned skill can use it to full potential.

So here we will get to know about 17 free software

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Here is the list of 17 free software

  1. Gravit designer
  2. Vectr
  3. Inkscape
  4. Canva
  5. Photo pos pro
  6. Picsart
  7. Snapseed
  8. Sketchup free
  9. Daz studio
  10. GIMP
  11. Krita
  12. SVG-edit
  13. Blender
  14. Paint.net
  15. Pixlr editor
  16. Fotojet designer
  17. Visme

Gravit Designer,


A quite new app & a bit underrated, made by the company which is behind CorelDraw. This free graphic design software is clean and user-friendly which you can adjust as per your needs.

Platform – Browser, window, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS.

Pros – You can easily export to PDF, SVG, JPG, Sketch also in recent version EPS format too after the end of your free trial,

Clean and user friendly,

You get huge cloud storage, which you can use cross-platform,

Vector asset library

Cons – You have to pay in the future, but no problem you can use the free version.

Lack of additional function



It is also a very clean graphic designing software better than Gravit designer, which has both browser-based application & desktop app, where you can create designs in real-time. Here you get many options for using filters, Shadows, soft corners, etc. Wisely it is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator CC.

Platform – Browser, Windows, Linux, Chrome Browser

Pros – Easy & user friendly Platform,

You can easily share project,

WordPress integration

Cons – No Result



One of the most powerful free designing tools is even used for commercial purposes.

It uses SVG as the main format. It provides many modern tools which are not available in other free software like complex path manipulation, note editing, etc.

Platform – Windows, Mac, Linux

Pros – Completely free,

Many modern tools,

You will get many contents on how to learn using Inkscape

Cons – Can’t handle very large projects



This is the most popular online graphic designing tool with both free & Paid versions, It is the best choice for super beginners. Here you get a prebuild template for almost everything listed logo, infographic, FB post, and many more. Also, it is used for commercial purposes.

Platform – Browser, Android, iOS

Pros – Easily accessible from any browser,

Have a large number of templates,

Easy to use

Cons – Internet connection required,

You can’t change the size of the design in the free version

Photo pos pro,


A  photo editing tool just as good as Adobe photoshop and easy to use interface where you can fix lighting, contrast, and saturation, and many other editing options.

Platform – Windows

Pros – It has many good editing options

Cons – though it promises a good experience it is not up to the mark since no shortcuts and bit tricky to use

Pics art,


It is a photo editing app for android and iOS also for desktop. It is used to create & edit pics with much ease. Also here you can go to a thematic contest.

Platform – iOS, Windows, Android

Pros – Easy to edit

Awesome community

Huge collection of stickers

Cons – Lot of advertisement



it is a photo editing software for both android and iOS which allows user to apply filters and enhance the look of the picture

Platform – iOS, Android

Pros – User friendly

Can handle raw photos

No advertisement

Got many presets and grades

Cons – needs some learning

Otherwise an excellent simple app.

Sketchup free,


If you have just started discovering the world of 3D, then it is best to go for the free version of SketchUp. You can just start by building stuff like lines and then converting them to 3d Models.

Platform – Browser

Pros – 3D visualization is amazing and is very easy to learn

Cons – Rendering is limited and it is not automated like other architectural software.

Daz studio,


This tool is used for 3D model customization, an animation tool that allows people from beginner level to pro-level to create digital art.

Platform – Windows, Mac OS

Pros – Has all aspects of 3D Designing

Character looks realistic

Cons – High specification required




Gimp stands for the GNU image manipulation program, similar to Adobe photoshop. It is debuted on Unix based platform. Here you get a full suite of tools for editing within easy reach.

Platform – Mac, Windows, and Linux

Pros – Easy to use

Multi-platform software

Cons – contains bugs



It is a free and open-source painting tool which is on market since 2000 and still it is progressing. This tool has different types of brushes which can be used for all-purpose also you get a number of plugins.

Platform – Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Pros – Quite interesting

It got plenty of illustration

Cons -Plenty of storage required

SVG- edit,


If you need an SVG result quickly or you want to edit an SVG file then this Free tool is best besides adobe illustrator. It is completely based on coding so you can further bring changes to it using some code editor.

Platform – Browser

Pros – Open source code

Simple and easy to use

Cons – Ideal node management not present



Best place for 3D designers. It is a free 3D designing tool having the capability of doing all 3d designing aspects. And is available for all major OS.

Platform – Windows. Mac OS, Linux

Pros – Free open source

You can export to other formats

GPU rendering possible

Cons – complicated in learning

No app support for motion capture

Difficulty in managing large no. of animation

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It is an alternative to a paint editor by Microsoft. there is a range of special effects available, allowing you to easily create fake perspectives, blend and push pixels around the canvas, tile and repeat selections, and so on. Sadly this is only for window users.

Platform – Windows

Pros –Free to use

Plugins available

It fully supports HiDPI display

Cons – It is only available for windows

You can only edit a single image at a time

Pixlr editor,


This free graphic design software Pixlr claims to be ‘the most popular online photo editor in the world’. It boasts over two million combinations of free filters, overlays and borders, and lets you do all the main things you’d expect from a photo editor, from cropping and resizing and many more.

Platform – iOS, Android

Pros – A very user-friendly interface

Cons – It lacks some handy tools like cloning and healing tool

Fotojet designer,


This software is a great online graphic designer, collage maker, etc. with which one can make designs with much ease just like the canvas.

Platform – Browser

Pros – Very easy like canvas

Cons – Only basic editing tool present



using this tool you can make creative designs without learning too much about designing. It has an easy drag and drops feature, also there are 100 different templates which are useful in individual as well as commercial purpose.

Platform – Web browser

Pros –you get beautiful templates

Ease of use

Cons – Problem while choosing a canvas size

Comment down your Favourite tool,

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