Find out these top 25 “Mompreneurs” this Mother’s day


It was just a normal day I was scrolling through my Pinterest pins, and then I got this one 👇 (mothers day special quote).

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This was just like, really Moms are the most precious things made by God and they should always be appreciated. So, it started like this and I thought of motivating and giving Mother’s day message to all the beautiful moms around with this amazing list of 25 moms who are still hustling.

Moms get ready to find out all 25 “Mompreneurs” this day

Shilpi Sharma Bedi

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Shilpi’s foundation sells outfits made of generally woven regular textures for youngsters between the ages of zero to five while engaging many craftsmen simultaneously. In 2016, a year after she conveyed her child, Shilpi felt that there was an enormous potential for dresses made with conventional woven textures. It was this idea that prompted the beginning of the brand alongside her companion Satya Nagarajan.

In the four years of its reality, the brand has affected the existences of over 100+ craftsmen in Hyderabad, where the business is based out of and delivered more than 170 new plans and have satisfied over 3000+ orders!

Suchi Mukherjee

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The Mum behind the setup of Limeroad. This was the initiation of a thought that went to the previous venture investor after the introduction of her child Aadit when she was on maternity leave. With the idea set up for a ladies’ online way of life stage, where one could get to the huge range of astonishing items, the test of turning business visionary with two little youngsters to deal with had quite recently begun.

She was traveling every 15 days to India leaving her family and a months-old baby boy. It was a very tough duty to do. She proved her dreams by answering that Moms can also work hard and become successful.

Mehak Mirza Prabhu

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Mehak Mirza Prabhu is quite possibly the most well-known open mic narrators. Her life has been a crazy ride since the age of 19 years when her whole family met with a ruthless mishap, and she immediately grew up. Her all fantasies of higher examinations were broken into pieces. She has been the sole proprietor of her dad’s advertisement office since that time. She has dispatched a site that fills in as a web-based narrating stage Jhumritalaiya, a blogger at Half Baked Beans, an arising Delhi-based distributing monster, and a mother of a charming little girl as well. Being a single parent, she has been a motivation for some remembering her girl and different specialists for her specialty. Ladies are amazing as well as very inventive and gifted, and she remains as an encapsulation of this expression.

Maia Hagg

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The founder of I Sees me! , Hagg co-founded the company with her husband Allan. I See Me! is a million-dollar company that focuses on gifts and books for kids. Her stories inspire so many kids.

Michele Welsh

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She is the founder of Safetytat, Welsh had an encounter that plenty of guardians are likely acquainted with – that sensation of overpowering when taking her children to a packed entertainment mecca. So she kept in touch with her mobile phone number on their arms. Also, that is the place where the thought for SafetyTat came from. The organization gives brief tattoos, names, and stickers that incorporate your telephone number and other important subtleties.

Priyanka Dam Ganguly

Prianka who runs an online carefully assembled saree and embellishments business says that when she began her business cell phones were an uncommon ware and it was the hour of Orkut. Which began as an approach to keep herself occupied during her pregnancy, yet soon it turned into an undertaking. Prianka depends on the utilization of innovation and specifically, Whatsapp, to obtain her sarees.

In a meeting with TBI, she says, “It is inconceivable for me to continually continue to go to and fro however with the coming of Whatsapp, a great deal of that has changed. Every time my weavers get new stock they send me the pictures and once I pick the sarees, they dispatch it and I move the cash right away.”

Monisha Narke

Image Credits – Better India

This is the narrative of one more mompreneur who was headed to effect to guarantee that her little girl is agreeable in the climate around her. In a meeting with The Better India, she says, “My girl would continually get hacking fits and I turned out to be extremely stressed. She was just four years of age at that point and I would not like to put her on any sort of drug. All things being equal, I needed to fix the issue for the last time.”

With the proverb of ‘Lessening, Reusing, Recycling’, the gathering started as a volunteer’s drive and has now changed into a social venture with more than 30 lakh individuals instructed through their workshops, more than 100 locales have been outfitted with their profile composters.

Lisa Greenwald

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Before establishing Chewbeads, Greenwald was an ardent adornments authority who worked in J. Group’s marketing division. At whatever point she held infants, she saw that they were so attracted to her adornments. So she chose to make a line that is explicitly made for infants to play with and bite on. The organization presently makes therapeutic rings, shakes, and even shower toys.

Rebekkah Kumar

Image Credits – Your Story

She chose to step away for a while from the high-profile corporate profession — having worked at Microsoft for a very long time — when she moved to India with her significant other and kids in 2006. “I needed to invest energy with my little youngsters Armaan and Simran,” she says.

Obviously, the architect and MBA were soon fretful and mompreneurship offered the arrangement. “I have been energetic about gems since adolescence and I have an assortment from around the world. Having lived in India.

The longing to give all that could be expected to her girl was one reason why Navdeep decided to turn into a mompreneur. In a meeting with The Better India, Navdeep said, “My girl would respond to engineered textures ineffectively. She would create rashes on her skin which is the reason I would just adhere to normal textures colored in plant-based shadings for her.”

Her business focuses on making clothes comfortable for babies.

Mani Pavitra

Image Credits – Deccan Chronicle

She started her journey as an orthodontist at Hyderabad’s KIMS hospital. Her first startup was dentist n dontist, Soon after she got pregnant but didn’t stop there. That time in Hyderabad she started pampered moms, focuses on pregnancy fitness, happiness, and care.

Now she has started Pampered Kids, which focuses on playing activities of kids.

Debra Cohen

Cohen is the President of Home Remedies of NY and maker of the Homeowner Referral Network plan of action. A mother of two, Cohen needed to make a path for mortgage holders to discover pre-screened, solid home improvement experts. So she dispatched Home Remedies in 1997 and has since served a great many mortgage holders.

Shayla Boyd Gill

Shyla Boyd Gill

Shayla Boyd-Gill is a pioneering mother who has maintained a few unique organizations, from offering cheesecake to offering labor classes. She presently offers business training administrations to help other innovative mothers while additionally bringing up her five children.

Jill Salzman

Imaage Credits – Chicago Tribune

Salzman previously maintained various organizations before beginning The Founding Moms, a group of month-to-month meetups for mother business visionaries. She additionally recently ran a piece of music for the executive’s firm and a line of child adornments.

Meena Bindra

Image Credits – outlook Business

Seeing the chance for ladies’ north Indian ethnic wear on the lookout and got a kick out of the chance to fiddle with a great plan, Meena Bindra began a little fitting outfit for ladies’ pieces of clothing from her Mumbai home when her significant other had a posting there, the path back in 1988, which was subsequently named Biba. She began with planning and getting 40 salwar suits custom-fitted, and sold them from home.

Nowadays, her business brings an annual turnover of Rs.650 crore. Being a mother of 2 she is still Hustling.

Abhilasha Jain

Meet Abhilasha Jain, who utilized the Facebook people group to begin her own food cooking business called Marwadi Khanna. Everything began with this one sentence she posted in an online local area – “I will get ready dal-baati and choorma, a customary Rajasthani dish on Sunday. Inform me as to whether anybody wishes to arrange,” she composed. Before she knew it, she had very nearly 40 orders in.

Other than the day-by-day suppers, she is likewise known for the customary tidbits and desserts, particularly during celebrations, parties, and events like weddings. While this started as a one-lady adventure, Abhilasha recruited more individuals because of the heightening in orders, and in the long run, the group of four moved out of her home in July 2019 to a leased 1000 sq. ft. kitchen.

Shalini Vij

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Her 17 years old Sahil and 10 years old Shivel, motivated her to grow their entertainment business. Then onward “Hangout” a family-centric center was opened – the company runs two such play areas for babies, toddlers, tweens, teens, and parents. Her husband also always motivated her despite being in a completely different sector.

Indeed, even as Vij teaches herself about worldwide norms in kid and family diversion patterns, she needs to regularly scale back family get-aways and limit social trips. “Yet, interestingly, my children are engaged with my work and go through lists, recordings of games, and now and then even travel with me,” she says.

The family spends Friday evenings together and Sunday informal breakfasts are with more distant family and grandparents for Vij’s children. Also, she solidly accepts that mompreneurs like her.

Jasmine Crowe

Image Credits – Windows Blog

Established in 2017, Atlanta-based Goodr is a practical excess food the executives’ stage that uses innovation to diminish food waste and battle hunger. Goodr’s blockchain-empowered stage gives an IRS review cordial gift record to improve organizations’ main concern, decrease nursery outflows, and use food waste to diminish hunger.

Julia Collins

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She is the founder of Zume pizza, It focuses on cooking pizza while delivering. It completely uses the ingredients of local farmers. In November of 2018, Zume Pizza raised a $375 million Series C from Softbank Vision Fund.

Sahn Lyn Ma

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Zola, which is a wedding planning & registry company was founded by her. Situated in New York, Zola is profiting from the wedding business in the United States, It is worth $90 billion, with $19 billion spent on gifts.

Ritu Narayan

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She founded Zum in 2015 and raised 40 million USD in 2019, That’s great. Zum gives protected, productive, and solid kid transportation for school locale and occupied families. The organization at present offers types of assistance in the San Francisco Bay Area, all of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

Susan Petersen

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The CEO and founder of Freshly Picked sandals began her business since she was disappointed by the absence of very much planned child shoes. She utilized some piece cowhide that she purchased at a carport deal to make her first sandals and gave them a shot on her own children before at last making Freshly Picked into a fruitful business. A good mother’s day idea.

Lisa Druxman

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Druxman made an activity routine for new mothers after turning into a mother in 2001. From that point forward, her business, FIT4Mom, has dispatched various classes and occasions for mothers or hopeful mothers planning to remain fit and solid.

Yeva Hyusyan

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CEO and founder of Sololearn, her company allows you to acquire and rehearse an ability of your decision anyplace, free of charge. Situated in Pleasanton, California, SoloLearn allows understudies to learn, make, and offer programming content with peers throughout the planet.

Erica Zydel

Zidel began Sitting Around with fellow benefactor Ted Tieken in 2010. The thought is to give a stage to guardians to exchange watching with different guardians in their region. So everybody gains admittance to childcare that is not absurdly costly through the mind.

Conclusion for Mother’s Day

This super mom had proved that long tiring days, can not prevent them to get their goals. Yes, there are much more Mom entrepreneurs out there hustling. This article was to motivate other moms around, how one can still achieve one dream.

At last, Happy Mother’s Day to all sweet moms in the world.

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