9 Quick Checklist for Successful T-Shirt Printing Business


With the growing popularity of graphic design T-shirts and quirky T-shirts, there is a huge opportunity for business success in the industry of Printing T-shirts.

It has a market size value of USD 3.96 billion in 2021, with an estimate of increasing to USD 7.56 billion by the end of 2028 ( CAGR — 9.7% ).

Yes, there are already some big brands like BewakoofSouled storeBonkers & Teefury. So, going at the national or international level will not be a good option.

Some Good Suggestions for you — Target Specific people or Niche ( with the touch of trend and seasonal trend )

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Checklist for starting a T-shirt Printing business from Home: –

Get a T-shirt printing device — 👉My Print, Heat press machine,


Get a subscription to a T-shirt mockup creator like Placeit (This is optional, only for saving your time),

placeit-subscription-for t-shirt-business

Contact wholesalers, for solid T-shirts (black & white should be a must)


You can use Canva, Illustrator, or some other tools for designing.


Learn about essential T-shirt designing, there are much free content on the internet ( I used to watch Detour Shirts on youtube)


Go Social and get a website (domain name must be relevant specific & short), get a domain name at 30% of from GoDaddy.


Focus on creating brand identity.


Plan out your financing, create your customer persona.


Plan out Marketing strategies.


Yes, there are many more points to focus on. If you want to be a leader in your chosen niche.

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