Which logotype to choose and not to choose for your business


One of the most crucial part on your way to becoming the next entrepreneur is getting a perfect logo which identifies your company. Since the logo is the first thing that customers will see, and you don’t want to ruin that break of day. So, this blog is all about understanding types of logos in 2021, and when to use them.

Before we’ll look upon 3 important qualities a logo should have:

  1. It should be simple
  2. It should be elaborative
  3. It should be the odd one out there.

Coming! Back to the point, there are 8 different types of logos that you need to know in 2021.

Following is the list: –

  • Emblem logo
  • Pictorial logo
  • Mascot logo
  • Wordmark
  • Lettermark (Monogram)
  • Abstract logo
  • Word + Pic logo (Combination)

Emblem logo

This is the Traditional and vintage aspect of logotype where mainly there is text inside a symbol. Think for example – badge or seals.


Organizations, Schools, and Government agencies go with this choice. Also, it suits the Automobile industry

Important point –

This is used by an already established brand, as it depicts their tradition.

Some examples- Harley-Davidson, Manchester united, Harvard, Lamborghini.

Pictorial logo

Also known as Brandmark, they are usually icons or easily recognizable graphics of real-life objects. These are very easy to remember and gives a quick idea of your company.


Important point –

Like emblem logos, you have to be well established or else you have to spend a lot on the advertisement, as it could give the wrong idea.

Some examples- Apple, Twitter, Playboy.

Mascot logo

“Mascot” by its name means a person or thing. Mascot generally speaks for your company and brings good emotion to your customer, as they are very cartoonish and fun. They are best when your target customers is family & Children. Also, it’s a great tool for social media marketing when people come and click pictures with your mascot.


Important point –

You shouldn’t use a mascot when you are Marketing a product that is not child-friendly, like automobiles, courses, hospitality, etc.

Some examples – KFC, Pringles, Amul.


These are really great for new entrepreneurs and also for well-established brands. Wordmark only consists of Text – Here you have to be very careful selecting the typeface and font type of your text. They give a clear idea and feel of your company.


Important point –

You have to see if your company’s name gives the idea of it or not!

Also, the name should be short.

Some examples – Coca-Cola, Google, Disney.


Also known as monograms, they are a type of logo which have the initials of your company. It is used when the name of your company is 3- 4 words long. They are simple & very easily identified.


Important point –

Use font wisely.

Some examples – IBM, HCL, HP.

Abstract logo

They are a type of pictorial logo but instead of using any graphic from real-world like apple or bird it uses the geometric image to represent your brand, they are very conceptual and represent your brand in their own unique way.


Since they are very simple, they go well in many places like websites, favicon, business cards, etc.

Important point –

They are a bit difficult to master, you have to look upon every tiny detail and revise it until you are sure that it is conveying the right message. Use it when your company is doing several different things. Also don’t give excessive detail make it simple.

Some examples – Chase, Pepsi, Nike, PlayStation.

Combination mark

Lettermark and wordmark in combination with a symbol are known as combination marks. These are very versatile logotypes as knowing your brand name will identify with your logo. These are best in the category of types of logos in 2021.


After this logo has served you for some years you can only use the logo. As a beginner, you should choose this logotype.

Also, they are very easy to Trademark.

Important point –

It should be clean & Simple.

Some examples – Burger King, Adidas, former Nike, USPA.


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After failing again and again in his business, finally, Johnny had made lots of fortune and want to help new business people & entrepreneurs, and learn from them.




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