What are the small business ideas to start from home? [brilliant 41+ ideas]


“A big business starts small”

~ Richard Branson

Always remember big companies rise from all the effort done when they were small businesses.

What is a small business?

The small businesses are mainly individual operation where a single person serve as an owner. Also, it can have a few numbers of people working as an employee. This business generally offers Products or Services.

You must be a Student, Unemployed, or Someone having a 9-5 Job who always dreams of traveling the world, getting riches, and able to get yourself what you want like your dream car or house. I just appreciate your first effort in searching the topic of “small business”.

Now, you must be full of energy and motivation to start your ventures just before that better get a full idea of the direction. Thatswhy we the family of businezvalue is there to help you.

This article will help you cover dozens of ideas that you can start, and see that if it works for you and for your location.

Find them out!

1. Expertise at Tailoring

tailoring business
Image Credits – Unsplash

If you love sewing and are quite professional in it just do it. Start providing small services like mending buttons, altering dresses, and fitting clothes like shirts, pants, jeans, etc. Further, if your business grows and demands increase you can expand your business to custom dressmaking.

Tips – have a home delivery service with the proper branding of your business.

2. Fitness Trainer

Fitness is a booming industry. So, if you are passionate about health and fitness then working as a Fitness trainer is a great option.

Image Credits – Unsplash

Focus on learning different types of exercises, types of body, and diets to provide high-quality service. Things you can do as a fitness trainer are provided fitness consultancy online via zoom (if you have many students) or you can simply use skype, google, or WhatsApp call to give personalized thoughts. Also, organize fitness camps.

Yes, don’t forget to have a good social following to make a good brand. Regularly post your workout video, fitness educational videos, etc. You may end up getting a good sponsor from a big fitness company too.

3. Graphic designer and Consultant

If you are good at using software like illustrator, photoshop, or any other and quite professional in graphic designing. Then get yourself free hours set your time for taking appointments, bring your business online, or set up google business.

Image Credits – Pexels

Graphic designing businesses should focus on building a good portfolio and improve creativity. You can offer a variety of services like logo designing, branding, package designing, flyer designing, thumbnail artist, banner designing, card designing, etc.

4. Translator

Do you speak more than one language or foreign language? Then provide translational service or teach different foreign languages.

There is a huge demand in various organizations for these translators, so an increased chance of fortune is there.

Tip – Have a specialized niche like teaching, administration, preaching, etc to be able to use more suitable phrases and words.

5. E-commerce store

Are you passionate about your hobbies? Then there is good news, you can earn money from it.

Image Credits – Pexels

Whether you make a painting, craft beautiful antique things, make pots, or any other creative form of art you can sell all of them online.

Tips – Learn about marketing and do proper branding.

6. Amazon FBA

Nowadays doing a business in Amazon has become just so easy. Just get your product ready and every other work is been fulfilled by Amazon FBA, like storing at amazon fulfillment stores, picking, packing, and delivering.

How to start an Amazon FBA business from home?

7. Write Blog

Choose your niche for example Travel, Earth, Beauty, Design, Trade, etc and start writing a blog also you need to gain a good knowledge of SEO, how to generate traffic, and how to write good content.

It will take little time to grow but will give a lot of fortune if done right. There are many ways to monetize your blog, some of them are Google Adsense, Ezoic, Taboola, media.net, etc

Also, you can promote your other services and product through a blog. It’s a good practice you can try for sure.

8. Dropshipping

In Dropshipping you sell products from your store as a middle person, you find a good product from a retail store at a low price and then sell it at a satisfying high price, where the price difference is your profit.

So, the big is question will you make a big fortune in dropshipping? like any other business to make fortune you have to learn about that platform, your niche, customers, and advertisement.

In dropshipping everything is about which product you are selling, sometimes it becomes a win but lots of times it is the losing one. So, you have to do lots of product testing very strategically by running ads on different platforms. Yes, with big risk comes a big fortune.

Tips – Do your work genuinely, provide good products.

9. Videographer

videographer business
Image Credits – Unsplash

For this, you have to just invest in your Video gears for production. later everything depends upon your creativity and professionalism.

Things you can do are, videography at a wedding, commercial videography, Travel videography, etc. make sure you have a good collection of your work on your social pages/accounts or website

10. Photographer

Just like a videographer, you need a camera and few other gears. If you are passionate about photography just start clicking photos of your friends and post them on social media and tag them, at first just grow a decent following then approach clients.

Image Credits – Unsplash

You can do various commercials, events, fashion photography, wedding photography, sell your photos on the various stock platforms, and present your amazing photos at an auction.

Tips – Take it as a business, not a hobby focus on various topics needed for a successful business.

11. Publish books and e-books

e-book business businezvalue
Image Credits – Unsplash

A really interesting business idea that you can do to make good money. Choose a sellable topic like life, finance, fiction, etc can easily become a best seller.

As a startup, if you don’t have enough money to invest you can easily go on amazon and opt for selling e-books. later on, when you get popular you can visit some publications and bring your hardcopy to the market.

Remember before releasing your book or e-book build a lead via email marketing or website subscription or any other method. and give them regular updates and finally release your book or e-book with an offer. Just see every business idea needs a good amount of marketing skills.

12. Pest Control Service

Easy to start from home. Setup your business online and fix your appointment time and get yourself all the tools for controlling pests like a sprayer, mask, a chemical substance which they use, and other tools.

One such service from Kolkata creative pest control service,

Image Credit – Creative Pest Control Service

Like every other idea, this needs good marketing to generate leads.

13. Career & life consultant

If you got knowledge of Careers and read lots of books on life go for providing consulting services. Many students and people need you out there just reach out for them.

Go for organizing online camps, seminars, and share knowledge on Youtube & reels to grow your audience and make your name.

14. Housecleaner

You can just start the business of house cleaning by advertising at your neighbor and get leads. Slowly collect money get yourself professional tools, go online and help your clients.

Better life Maid is one such good example of a house cleaning service. they really have a good call to action button to get leads.

Image Credits – Better Life Maid

15. Massage therapist

Invest in a good portable bed, create a good peaceful room for massage to relieve stress, get some massaging tools, and there start to help your clients release pain and stress.

Image Credits – Pexels

Tips – get a good knowledge of massage therapy.

16. Garden expert

If you have significant knowledge of flowers, compost, and gardening you can help people make their beautiful gardens.

Also, you can write a book or an e-book for gardening, or a guide to gardening.

17. Tutor

There are people out there always wanting to learn, so if you got knowledge of music, history, language, or even you can teach school students.

Image Credits – Unsplash

Just advertise yourself well to have a good customer number.

18. Develop your online course

Just like a tutor you can share your knowledge and help other people learn from your online lesson or course.

There are many places online like skillsharecoursera, udemy, etc. also get yourself website and sell your course there.

Tips – Do proper branding if you are selling courses through your website.

19. Food truck owner

food truck business
Image Credits – Pexels

Thinking of starting a restaurant but don’t have enough money. Then don’t feel sad you can buy or lease yourself a second-hand van which is much cheaper, then customized it to a food truck.

This will work better than your restaurant if done well. As you can change your location always.

Do proper market and customer research to be more favorable.

20. Home delivery food service

You can start this business just from your home kitchen, there are many people around who just don’t get time to make food at home, they just eat out unhealthy.

Help them by making healthy food for them and deliver food at home. They can pay you monthly. Provide a list of food they will be getting each day for their knowledge.

21. Movers company

You can just buy a van or rent one, before buying trucks to start a moving company, other than the truck you need manpower, insurance, and a permit.

Image Credits – Unsplash

During the initial period of business, you can go local and keep your prices low. As market demand for local moves is more.

22. social media manager

If you got the knowledge of how to use social media efficiently and can easily gain followers, impressions, improve your value on social. Then you have a great option on handling the social account of the organization, influencer, and individuals.

You can easily charge them hourly rates or get a contract for handling the social account.

23. Voiceover artist

Nowadays, many movies, short films, cartoons, animation, and stories are coming out with an increasing demand for voice-over artists.

Image Credits – Unsplash

To get professional work done on the project they opt for voiceover artists. If you are good at this art you can reach them and work for them.

24. freelancer

There are many websites like Upwork, fiver, 99design, freelancer, etc where you can work as a freelancer on your interesting work.

There is a variety of work you can do like designing, photography, teaching, etc.

25. Event planner

An event planner is someone who takes the responsibility of organizing professional events like festivals, conferences, ceremonies, etc.

So, if you have good experience in this event planning thing and can communicate well. Give it a try.

26. Travel guide

image credits pexels

This works great if you are living around some travel destination and have a good idea of every travel location with the knowledge of exploring the place in cheaper ways.

Get an idea of the best food place to eat, hotel room for stay, history, and culture of the place, and various good spots around to chill.

27. Rent your house

House is a good asset, do proper advertisement so whenever any outside comes around your place for some years to stay, they can find your house to live in.

You can place your property on websites like rental.com, housing.com, etc.

28. Rent your vehicle

Just like renting your house, you can place your vehicle for rent. people can rent your vehicle for many occasions like rallies, wedding ceremonies, and shoots.

Do have a proper license and paperwork for the vehicle.

29. Coffee shop

coffee shop business idea
Image Credits – Unsplash

You can start a coffee shop or a coffee cum library shop in your area. Here you have to focus on branding at the next level as you have to stand out from the competition. you can use a variety of marketing skills to improve your business

Location here is very important, you have to place the shop where there is much foot traffic around.

30. Print on demand

Recently got on-trend print-on-demand business is going crazy. here you just have to provide a design on the website like Redbubble, merch by amazon, and Teespring. They will provide the material and even deliver the merch to your customer charging a few %age of amount.

The marketing part is also handled by you, you can use various social media platforms.

31. Storage service

If you have an extra room at your home, provide storage service to people.

If your house is beside the road then there is a much greater chance of success. You can store sacks of rice and other commodities, books, wholesale goods, paint barrels, etc.

32. Bicycle business

Bicycle rental is a profitable small business that you can run. just buy few bikes and list them on your service and have some unique business ideas.

Image Credits – Pexels

one such example is of Bob’s rent- a boy started his bicycle rental business with just 1000$ of savings but his competitor was doing much better. So, he got a new idea of delivering bicycles for free wherever the customer needed them. The customer really loved this and Bob’s business was booming.

33. App developer

Good in coding & app development?

become an app developer, almost every big and small companies need an app nowadays to grow their business because, of increased mobile users. you can charge a lot of money.

34. Gamer

Passionate about gaming, become a pro gamer, and go stream your game lives. Gaming really has a very huge fan base.

Image Credits – Unsplash

You can also go and join the gaming contest.

35. Multimedia editor

Video and audio content are nowadays the best means of communication for big and small brands and they are hiring people from all around who are good in multimedia editing

So, if got knowledge on how to use After Effects, premiere pro, or any other editing platform you can earn well. Just market yourself well post your editing on social media.

36. Gift shop

Bit underrated small business which generates good profit. Everyone visits a gift shop whether you are poor or rich. people always buy gifts on occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, events, etc.

To do well in this business start with proper planning.

37. Candle making store

Candle business is just another fun business you can make your own candle just from home, make creative candles, scented candles, candles for meditation, etc.

Image Credits – Unsplash

Then sell them online or through retail or my own. some big candle companies are – P.F. Candles Co., Kishmish, Voluspa, etc. Get your motivation from them.

38. Junk cleaning

Just like a moving company you need a truck, not even a truck just a trailer to tow behind your car.

Almost every house needs to get rid of junk. so, approach them and help them. further, you can earn more if that junk is resold.

39. Car wash

car wash beauty
Image Credits – Unsplash

It is a fun & profitable business to open. Things that matter in this business are location, service, and marketing.

It is a good business but you need a little bit amount of money to start this business.

40. Delivery business

There are many types of delivery business you can do: –

  • Food delivery
  • Pharmacy delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Furniture delivery

You can start this business single-handed later when you make enough profit and want to expand your business. you can keep labor.

41. Copyrighting & LLC

If you have experience with copyrights and LLC, You can sell your service online or offline. These are the basic needs of all the company go and fulfill it.

The Futur sell their LLC package in a form of a business setup kit,

Image Credits – The Futur

42. Advertisement business

These days advertisement is one of the major parts of marketing. There are multiple types of advertisement both online and offline.

In this business, you can be creative and design an advertisement template for online banners or offline which generates good leads for businesses.

43. Finance advisor

If you are from a finance background and knows how to manage the financials of companies and organizations, be their financial advisor

44. Handyman

handyman work
Image Credits – Pexels

If you know how to fix around in the house, Get yourself a website, go social, advertise, and be creative with your work.

As a handyman improve your communication, Person with good communication is valued more.

45. Catering service

There is always some function going around like anniversaries, marriages, parties, etc. You can reach out to them for providing food service.

It includes presentation of foods, distribution of drinks, distribution of foods, etc.

46. Marriage planner

Managing, designing, and planning in a marriage is the work of a marriage planner. Marriage is one of the most significant occasions in people’s lives so they value it a lot.

Learn from different marriages, and create your own idea of how to make that particular day so special.

47. Organic Product

As people are getting more health-conscious nowadays they are converting to the use organic product more.

So, if you are from a biotech background you can bring out some amazing products. It can be any product that doesn’t harm your body or planet earth.

48. Customizable shoe

There is a psychological factor, people love things they create on their own. For example, if a baby is born in a family it is one of the happiest moments for everyone.

One such example is Toesmith,

Image Credits – ToeSmith

Ikea is one of the best examples which uses this idea. So to start a small business on customizable shoes will be a great idea.

Tips – learn about customizing shoes.

49. Icecream parlor or truck

Just like a food truck, Icecream truck or parlor are one of best small business which generates good fortune.

Image Credits – Pexels

Here the location matters a lot, also the ice cream parlor should be more attractive than any other store out there.

Tips – Get a mascot for your brand.

50. Cooking classes

Just like any other class, if you are passionate about cooking starting an online class for cooking will be a great idea.

Also, you can publish your cooking books and videos.


At last, points which are most important in a business and which is for every business: –

  • Get a unique business idea
  • It should help people
  • Focus in marketing
  • Branding to stand out
  • Get a list of customer, who gives you more profit (focus on them)
  • Retarget

If you have any thoughts on small business to do from, home comment below👇

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Businezvalue was founded by Johnny J Hembrom and his team, an enthusiast in learning business growth and designing.

After failing again and again in his business, finally, Johnny had made lots of fortune and want to help new business people & entrepreneurs, and learn from them.





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