What Is Dogecoin? How You Can Buy Dogecoin?

Did you hear about that headline, people becoming millionaires in just 15 days? Yes, That’s because Dogecoin the ultimate crypto coin of fun got boosted by the tweet of Elon musk.

To know about Tweet and the secret behind the popularity of dogecoin check this article 👉 Why Dogecoin is going crazy?

So, Dogecoin Explained

By definition, it is a cryptocurrency invented by two software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in the year 2013. It is known by the meme dog (Shiba Inu) figure. (check the full story behind Dogecoin)

Dogecoin the ultimate meme coin

Because of its technology [Litecoin], it is very cheap and is in unlimited supply.

This joke crypto also had taken part in the 2017 crypto bubble burst which has increased the value of many coins back then. But, after the bubble burst, Dogecoin just lost much of its values.

It has core supporters from social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Who use dogecoin to support others in a form of a tip.

How to buy doge coin?

After reading this article you must be thinking that this whole dogecoin thing is really good and should I hold or buy some coin now, will I profit from it?

The answer to that question is no one knows, as the crypto market is just too much volatile. So, if you want you can but always do check the market and news. To be on the safe side.

What do I need to buy dogecoin?

  1. Get a crypto wallet like Exodus
  2. Signup at some good crypto exchange platform, eg. Binance, Kraken, or wazirx

Now coming back to the point: –

At first, you have to get a wallet, it can be a software wallet or a hardware wallet. When you have a small number of coins you can use a software wallet as many of them are free, eg: – Exodus

Whereas, if you have a large number of coins and need security you should opt for a hardware wallet, eg: – Ledger NanoTrezor one (black)

Then, you have to find your dogecoin address, it is needed whenever you want to transfer your doge to your wallet. It will be there in your wallet.

Eg: – DBXu2kgc3xtvCUWFcxFE3r9hEYgmuaaCyD, they usually look like this.

Now it’s time to buy, you can see that doge is on market since 2013 and is not available at many exchanges.

Some of the reputable exchange from where you can buy doge are: –


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